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An ancient power lies hidden, deep within Coldfire Dark souls android, threatening the peaceful town of Newsettle. Now four friends must take it upon themselves to become heroes, and venture into the depths on a quest to secure their town's future. Coldfire Keep is a traditional, old-school dungeon crawler, lovingly hand-crafted for fans of the genre. Featuring grid-based movement, and active turn-based combat, Coldfire Keep draws inspiration from classic late 80's and early 90's dungeon crawling adventures.


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Publisher Bandai Namco has released Slashy Soulsa free-to-play spinoff in its infamously dark souls android Dark Dagk series available exclusively for iOS and Android devices. Inspired by the dark souls android Dark Souls IIISlashy Souls challenges players to survive an endless gauntlet of challenges for as long as possible before meeting their inevitable demise. Slashy Souls takes memorable moments and critical gameplay elements from the Dark Souls series and streamlines them, resulting in a pick-up-and-play challenge suited for mobile devices. Throughout each gameplay session in Slashy Soulsplayers must jump to avoid bottomless pits and hazardous terrain in order to stay alive. When engaging with enemies, players must carefully time their sword swings and counterattacks while dodging incoming threats. Though its premise is simple, Slashy Souls adds gameplay depth with unlockable weapons and power-ups that can be earned either via in-game feats or in-app purchases. Posting Komentar. RPG fans certainly know the game Dark Souls. Dark Souls is one of the highest difficulty games that successfully makes the players grab their hair several times in one game, even though this game is quite addictive, and successfully makes the players addicted. If you are a fan of the Dark Souls series, or the soul-like genre, then we advise you to check this one game "Song of Ruins". Song of ruins is a Dungeon crawler game with graphics, difficulty levels, atmosphere which is quite similar to the Dark Souls series.

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After over 2 years, Android gamers are finally going to have a crack at this. The gameplay is very much like Dark Souls. You get to play in 1-on-1 battles with monsters and bosses, and the commands are swipes and taps on your touchscreen. Of course, the fun is also in getting new gear, and the game allows players to find items that can be crafted into different weapons, armor and amulets. There will be no in-app purchases in the game, and it will probably be a large download for your device, so be sure you are on a robust Wi-Fi connection for this one. Android Community.

System Requirements:

  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HDD: 8 GB
  • CPU: 1.9 GHz

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