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And while Windows might install some generic drivers that may work with some of the devices on your machines, you will russian drivers fail need to check your drivers and update them, which in most cases means that you will have to do a lot of researching, downloading, and installing of individual drivers. That, is a nutshell, is what this free software does, and it does it extremely well. DriverPack Solution works with both 32 bit and 64 bit windows and automatically installs all the drivers in one step. The verdict : this software is impressive, in that it just works. Did you know that in Minsk expensive cars fall right from the sky? Thus a Mercedes ML fell from the 5th floor on the parking place. A woman of 32 years was at the wheel. Maybe like a bonus…. Some ask, how is it to drive a car in Russia? Well if in Moscow or other cities it has some specific but in general close to usual means, then … Read more.

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A Russian bus driver sick of rude drivers who fail to give way to public transport and others who stage accidents in a bid to claim payouts has begun to fight back - with a video camera on his dashboard. Alexei Volkov - known as The Russian drivers fail - has become a celebrity in the town of Zelenograd and claims to have been involved in more than accidents in his career. Since the driver has begun recording his journeys with the help of a 'dashcam' and has been uploading them to his YouTube channelwith the footage often clearing him of any wrong-doing. Speaking to a local news agency, Mr Volkov russian drivers fail "In total I have had more than one hundred accidents. Besides, I acquired the dash camera only in Driving in Russia is on the right side of the road. Even though the driving laws are strict and similar to those in the West, drivers often don't obey them and police enforce them in strange ways. Russian drivers have a bad reputation. There is no such thing as rude, aggressive and belligerent drivers. Such drivers are considered the norm.

Jul 19,  · Russian dashcam footage is always intense! Large tornado in progress north central Kansas (Paradise/Waldo area) With Tornadic Expedi. YouTube has become the depository for every lyric video, parody, and, apparently, copious amounts of shocking footage from dash-mounted cameras in Russia. In the latest to go viral, one man confronts the driver of the car behind him, and consequently gets beat up by a bunch of costumed characters, including SpongeBob SquarePants:. Thanks to the preponderance of dashboard cams in Russia, the internet is regularly treated to one driving FAIL after another. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Fortunately — and miraculously — none of these accidents were fatal.

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YouTube Screenshot. A meteroid that exploded over Russia Friday morning , flooding the Internet with tons of videos within hours of the event, suddenly make it relevant again. Videos of car accidents filmed from dashboard cameras have become such a popular genre on YouTube , it seems every driver must be filming his every move. In a post on Animal , Russian ex-pat and journalist Marina Galperina offers a few reasons, which boil down to dangerous driving conditions and the unreliability of Russian traffic police. Driving in Russia is hazardous: Last year, , traffic accidents killed 28, people. More than 32, died in car accidents in the United States in , a much lower figure per capita. Addressing those high levels in , President Dmitry Medvedev blamed the "undisciplined, criminally careless behavior of our drivers," along with poor road conditions.

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