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how to add audio to lightworks

The Lightworks Crash Course for Beginners (Part One): The Basics

In Part One we looked at how to set up Lightworks. We also understood some basic terms hpw what the workspace looked like. We left two threads hanging in Part One : how resolution and frame rates are handled in Lightworks. Lightworks avoids showing us Project frame rates are divided into three families:. You can only choose the frame rate once. Lightworks 14 gives even inexperienced users a fresh, new way to create beautiful videos with ease. To get started, simply go to the Lightworks website and follow the instructions for downloading. The frame rate is an important setting to be aware of, because if you select a frame rate and then try to import video clips with a different rate, they may not be usable in your project. Since 24fps frames per second is fairly standard, go ahead and choose that rate from the drop-down menu. The Log tab features a Project Contents bin on the left half of your window.

i've been editing a video for hours now but cant figure out how to add audio tracks. i know about the process, but the audio got cut off due to me seperating my 1 video into 2 edits. i cant figure out how to add audio tracks into a specific spot in the A1 and the A2 sound tracks. please help someone. If you followed the basic timeline editing tutorial , you should now have a very rough assemblage of clips on your Lightworks timeline. This also makes sense if you are following the general editing rule to only cut when new information is presented. Not to mention hard cuts between each line of dialogue is rather disorienting, predictable, and frankly quite boring. Remember me. Sign in. Index Recent Topics Search Rules.

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If you select 'Pre Levels' that shows the waveform before effects are applied. If you select 'Post Levels' this shows them afterwards. Right clicking on the audio level line and moving the mouse adds nodes and changes levels. In the example the tracks have been grouped as a stereo pair so nodes are automatically added to both tracks. Your Tracks are now Grouped. This simply groups them in the current Stripview. At the beginning and end of the event there is a small grey triangle.

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  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HDD: 6 GB
  • CPU: 1.9 GHz

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