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When it comes to adding cool looking anamorphic lens flare effects to distoryions projects, made most famous by director JJ Abram over-use, there are three ways to do it. High quality free lens flares are fairly hard to come by online. You can see them in action in the VFX reel above. Abandon fake Photoshop lens flares and enhance your photographs with lens flares captured in an actual camera. Vibrantly colored and rich in detail, these flares are created using Nikon, Leica, Fuji, and Pentax cameras. Fairly simple to use, the Principle Light Hits Pack by Lens Distortions is definitely becoming one of my new favorite toys for creative post editing. Or, you may like to place the sun peaking just off frame to create that soft glowing lens flaring that adds a hint of emotion and wonder to your photographs. The Principle Light Hits pack has built in actions that allow you to essentially set and forget. This gives you the ability to place your lens flare and move on to worry about the color and composition of the photo rather than creating a believable lighting scenario.

lens distortions torrent




One of the best ways you can enhance your visual projects is to use the power of sound. In this 12 minute tutorial, we take you behind the scenes of many Lens Distortions videos to see the tried and true techniques we’ve been using for years. I'm working on it P2P 12 June 3.


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