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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Please note that all the specifications listed here for each car are based on its real-life counterpart and gathered from multiple sources. Thus, they may not be totally accurate. The specifications are meant only as an indicative of the car's performance, since no details for each car are given in-game. These 14 cars cannot be found parked throughout the city, as they must be unlocked by beating the rival who owns the car. To beat the rival, the player must first face him on a head-to-head race. If the player wins, the Most Wanted driver will them flee away and the player must shut him down to win the car. There are 10 Most Wanted cars in the standard edition of the game.

need for speed most wanted car map

Fairhaven City/Jack Spots

Each Jack Spot has a different parked vehicle at its location and each cannot be rammed. Players can change their vehicle with the vehicle at the Jack Spot by driving up to it and pressing a button. They will instantly switch vehicles and will have any discovered Jack Spots added to their EasyDrive menu. A Jack Spot can be identified by the logo of a vehicle's manufacturer hovering above the drivable vehicle. As you travel around the city and countryside, you will be able to find certain parked cars that feature their company logo floating above their roof. Once you see one of these cars, you can then drive up to it and it will become available to use. There are 31 different cars that can be found in 3 different locations, as well as the 10 Most Wanted cars that you will automatically unlock once you have defeated them in a race. Below is the location of each and every car once you have unlocked all 10 of the Most Wanted vehicles. Current page: Page 1.

On this website you can browse for all collectibles found in Need for Speed Most Wanted (). In Criterions new racing game there are four different type of collectable items: billboards, 66 speed cameras / radar, security gates and jack spots. If you have problems finding one of these items for your trophy or achievement, take a look.



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