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For running it you just need to install software from Google play to your mobile phone. You will get welcome screen with steps what to do now. You can go to your browser on your personal computer and type listed url on your mobile phone. Suuit you open website you must conform on your mobile phone that you allow connection from PC to mobile phone. Guys today here I am going introduce an Android PC suite for your computer machine. Here we are on the go to know about how to use the web pc suite transferring files everywhere on your Windows operating system and enable to connect both devices for several purposes. The latest version is recently released and updated to get started to fulfill your requirement. I personally share this PC suite due to several requests that people need to work with this program from their desktop OS device. Most of them say this application is currently not working on windows based devices. According to various experimental methodologies I have personally proved it.

web pc suit

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No matter where you are, file transfer between Android and PC can click done wirelessly and sukt. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have quickly become our most used devices for many of our activities lc the digital world. Most people, however, have not abandoned their laptop or desktop computers and they often have a most of their personal files and media on them. It can be a hassle to move songs, photos, videos, and documents from one device to another. Permance optimization v2. Support Android L 2. Brand new UI guided by Material Design. Support remote control: Now you can connect your phone with PC via both Wifi and mobile network. Notes: This is a Beta version and we are looking forward to your feedback.

Web PC Suite is a cable-free solution for wirelessly file transferring across all major platforms for Android devices. Web PC Suite is user friendly, small, fast, clean and useful! Support all basic operations like browse, create new, copy, cut, move, rename, sort, delete, search, refresh, set as, etc. Optimize file transfer speed,2. Fix minor bugs,V3. Fix display error of Hotspot password on some Xiaomi phones,2.

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Web PC Suite - File Transfer may be installed quickly, and transferring between devices uses a drag-and-drop method for ease of use. The connection is not secure, nor is the website you access to log in, so you must not transfer sensitive files. Use the contacts book within the app to connect to different devices more quickly next time. However, you can do the same thing with a compatible USB cable, and using a cable is quicker. There are some people who really dislike having to use a USB cable to take stuff off their phone, so they will probably love this app because the transfer process happens wirelessly. No matter where you are, file transfer between Android and PC can be done wirelessly and freely. Support remote connection, which means you could transfer files even if there is no Wi-Fi connection!

System Requirements:

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • HDD: 2 GB
  • CPU: 1.9 GHz

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